Saturday, June 12, 2010

You STIlL Know You're a Krill, If...

1. You were shocked the first time you realized your friends families don't video-tape everything all the time.

2. You have recently referred to yourself as having "the chubbies"

3. You "aww" every time someone mentions Grandma or Grandpa
4. Asking "are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?" is annoying but necessary - and mostly pointless. You make this face when they haven't been "sterilized":

5. You have had Heidi's multiple-personalities comment and like the same posts/pictures on your Facebook.

6. You have taken pointless pictures of flowers and thought how Moma would be pleased.

You Know You're a Krill If...

[an extension of Katie's earlier post. Enjoy! And feel free to add on to the list!]

1. There are bags of 10+ year old film in your fridge. And it's not going anywhere.

2. You would rather hang out with your family than "real people".

3. You know Zud can fix anything. ANYTHING.

4. You frequently quote Mulan, Blast From the Past, and Back to the Future.
("I let it slip through my fingers!", "Stay away from my elevator.", "Now Biff, don't con me.")

5. You vacuum your kitchen floor. When your vacuum is working.

6. Your common vocabulary includes such phrases as "That wasn't even a story", "most excellent", and "sleepy sleepy for one more weeky".

7. Playing a stringed instrument was never optional.

8. You are or have ever been enrolled in Napping 101.

9. Your name ends in pocket.

10. The dishes are cleaner BEFORE they go through the dishwasher. But they still need to go through it for sterilization purposes.

11. When you say "Krill house", you are never referring to your own house, but a much more terrifying place...

12. Camping is what you do in Michigan.

13. You've never had chores or been grounded.

14. Dave Charland has at some point friend requested you on facebook.

15. Your exercise equipment is in the back of your van and your van seats are on your front porch.

16. Swinging from the rafters is the safest way to get through your garage.

17. You wave goodbye until they're out of sight.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Know You're a Krill If...

1)  You are out of milk, butter, eggs, and bread... and other basic needs for survival, but you can still justify buying a bag of Jolly Time popcorn.

2) You have at least 4 cars on the driveway when no one is home.

3) You have orange-tinted hair.

4)  Hamsters come and go like... well, you know.

5) You have sworn to yourself multiple times that you will never get a credit card.

6) Your facebook wall is full of posts from people whose last name is "Krill"