Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Harry Potter Summer

No one's going to see this for a few days, at least, and that will probably be only Heidi. Oh well. I just thought I'd tell ya about what I'm currently doing this summer.

I'm preparing for the awesomeness that is the FINAL HARRY POTTER MOVIE.

Yeah, so I'm going to reread the series, rewatch the movies, rewatch the musical, and replay the games. I am currently beginning the fourth book right now, so that's fun. Once all this madness is over with, I'll be able to get back to reading books non-Potter related. So August is definitely going to be a fun time.

So Heidi, whachya doin'? Or Katie, for that matter?


Heidi Rose said...

I'm just playing games and eating granola bars/apples right now. Rereading the whole series sounds like a fun time. I hope it's not too sad after the last movie comes out. We must be sure to make it as AWESOME as possible. Harry potter costumes, Harry Potter snacks, the whole sha-bang.

Katie Marie said...

OMG can I please join in on the Harry Potter fun? PLEASE?!?!? We can make pumpkin pasties and wear graduation robes and make wands and quote the movies too! :p

My summer so far? Well, lots of part-time jobs (Ancora, All-City, Olivia's), applying for teaching jobs and doing interviews, and hanging out with Lola & Farley and John. Hmmm... it doesn't sound like much, but I've really been so busy! On Saturday I leave for Music Camp for 2 weeks so that will be keeping me busy too.